Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We have all been sick for the past week!!!! It needs to go away.

We ended up taking Cooper to the doctor today because he isn't getting better. He's had a fever, diarrhea, throwing up, rubbing his ear, whiny, not eating, raspy voice, runny nose, congestion. I figured it's been long enough and thought we'd see if there was something more serious going on.

The appointment went well. Cooper weight 18 pounds! He's getting up there :) He screamed when the doctor was looking in his ears. There's a little inflammation and redness but not enough to diagnose with an ear infection. Back to the screaming...Cooper fought this man as hard as he could!! He was kicking, screaming, pulling, rolling, moving EVERYWHERE! The doctor repeated several times about how strong he was. The doc said he's never had such a strong little baby at that age! haha I told him that it takes two people to change his diaper and that he has more energy than any baby I have ever seen. His response, "I can see that." Haha. I told ya...We have a strong/active little boy!

Two new things he started doing in the last few days:
- climbing onto things! I turned around to see Cooper's two feet on the couch along with him holding himself up! I was amazed that he could even do such a thing.
- he waves! I went to get the mail with him and two cars passed by. He waved at both of them! Brady came home and waved "hello" and Cooper waved back! All last night he waved to us during dinner. (video soon to come)

Brady and I have been going back and forth with stomach problems, head congestion, sore throat. It's been rough trying to take care of each other AND a sick baby.


Landon&Shauna said...

:( So sad hope you all get feeling better!!!!

sassy mia said...

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Maryann ZELLER said...

First I have to say I just love your new blog and all the new pictures, fabulous! I sure hope you guys get to feeling better soon! It’s always the worst if Mommy gets sick, because you never get a break, and have to keep being mommy. So hats off to you for keeping it together for your family! I am sorry to hear you lost a friend, that is never easy. I sure hope things start letting up on you a little sounds like you have had a bad week. Sending lot of love, Kev and Maryann

JoJo said...

Sweetie, wait until he climbs up the fireguard because he wants his little money box lol. I have a 2 year old so I know exactly what you mean. he has broken the clasp that is supposed to stop him going in the fridge.. so now he helps himself to whatever takes his fancy. he can turn my mums computer on and shut it down correctly and he's figured out how to open and switch on my laptop. Oh, and he knows the channel number for the Playboy Channel... How old is your little man?