Thursday, January 20, 2011

Its a.....


We are so excited to announce that we are expecting baby #3 in August! We had our first appointment today and everything looks well. We have one little bean with a strong heartbeat!! My friend mentioned on her blog that it's "the year of the fetus". She knows of at least 20 people/friends that are expecting a baby this year. I too know of many that are expecting a baby this summer! She also did a cute little set up...I'm going to copy her. Here are the most frequently asked questions I have had so far:

How old is your baby? far apart are the two kids going to be?
Cooper and baby #3 will be 18 months apart. Crazy I know but we wanted them this close!

How are you feeling?
Exhausted, nauseated, and emotional. I just want to sleep all the time, food is gross to think of but yummy to eat, and I cry every single day! The upside of this...with both the boys I was in severe pain. My appendix was leaking with Kegan and I had kidney stones with Cooper. So far...NO physical PAIN!

How far along are you?
About 10 weeks. We have another ultrasound next week to measure the baby and have a more accurate date.

When is the due date?
EDD: August 15. However, with a planned c-section it'll be a week+ earlier. I dilated and effaced REALLY early with Cooper so the MD said it'll be a watch and see type of thing. It's dangerous for me to go into labor so there will be many appointments.

We are SUPER excited about having another baby. This pregnancy has been so different compared to the other two. Aside from NOT being in pain (like with the other two) I am way more emotional and overall depressed. I have no energy to do anything and I want to sleep all the time. With the boys I had more energy and felt better being pregnant than not. Weird...I know but it's kind of a bummer. I was looking forward to having more energy and feeling great! I guess every pregnancy is different...or it's a girl?!


PECK said...

Yay it IS the year of the fetus!! Haha I really hope you don't have any major pain things again...and I hope we both have girls! How fun would that be!

Amanda Petersen said...

Kelsey that is so exciting! I'm so amazed by you...Cooper will be such a good big brother. I hope it's a girl...that would be so fun! Congratulations...we love you and hope we get to see you here in a few weeks!

Rudi said...

Hey Kels, it was good to hear all of these Frequently Asked Questions answered :) I'm so glad to hear that you're not in pain and hope the whole pregnancy goes that way. but sorry to hear that you're so tired and depressed... I think I kind of felt that way a lot in the first trimester, so maybe you are having a girl ;) that would be so cute. Very excited to see you in less than a month!