Friday, January 28, 2011


Everything looks great! Baby is measuring exactly as we thought so our due date is still August 15! I am 11 weeks and 4 days along. The baby was super wiggly, which is no surprise to me! All 3 children have been super wiggly and the comment has been made during each ultrasound. Maybe another active little boy?!

Now onto Cooper. He's sick...again. We just can't seem to get rid of whatever is going around. I took him to the doctor because he was wheezing. Wheezing freaks me out, especially with it being RSV season. The doctor assessed him and said he has a double ear infection! what?? I was not expecting that. Cooper is not whiney or anything. He's just sleeping a LOT more and not eating very much. So he started him on antibiotics. Cooper still has loads of energy and loves to play. We never would have known if I hadn't taken him in. His lungs are clear and his breathing is regular. His wheeze comes and goes so the doc said it's most likely caused from the drainage that's going down his throat. We're keeping a close eye on him! Good thing I have the next few days off.

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