Friday, January 28, 2011

Party #1

Brady's parents came to visit us this last weekend. Since we are going to be in Michigan for Cooper's birthday they brought over a delicious cake and presents for him. He absolutely LOVED the cake!!! He started off slow by putting his fingers in it and then right away his mouth popped open and wanted to eat it with his face! It was so adorable and just the reaction I was hoping for.

Since it was past his bedtime, we opened presents the next day. He got REALLY cute clothes from Grandma and Grandpa Ellis! (we requested no toys...he has too many and has no clothes) Great Grandma and Grandpa Johncock sent him a beautiful quilt and a musical helicopter with balls. He LOVES his new toy and plays with it all the time! Aunt Lynell sent him a super cool Folding Wagon! We're anxious to use it when the weather is warmer.

We are excited for our trip to Michigan and for our little boy to turn 1!!


Amanda Petersen said...

That cake is awesome! It looks like a fun little party. Can't believe our boys are one! Super crazy! I love the frosting on his face. Too cute!

McKenna said...

Coolest cake of all time. Where did it come from?? Cooper is adorable too :)