Friday, June 10, 2011

30 weeks preggo!

I am still hanging in there and so is our little man...who is still nameless! I am growing and very uncomfortable. Every pregnancy has been different. This one has been it's own kind of difficult. Lots of aches and pains EVERYWHERE. I've gone to the chiropractor to help with the hip/back pain and she even said I was SUPER out of alignment and my muscles are extremely tight. She recommended having a pregnancy massage done in combination with the chiropractor to help be more comfortable. I have noticed a huge difference...I can get out of bed without collapsing! All the uncomfortableness is from carrying him so low. Every time I go in to the doctor I hear "wow you are carrying really low." One doctor even said, "I bet you are in a lot of pain." haha

Anyway, we are starting to get very anxious for him to come!! We can't wait to have another son and another newborn to care for. We are so grateful for not having anything serious happen during this pregnancy!! No appendicitis and no kidney stones!! YES!! And so far no ER visits! We already have the baby room ready since it's Cooper's current room. The only thing we need to do is wash up the clothes and blankets. And well...get Cooper's room ready. I am excited to have him transfer to a "big boy" room! We still don't have a name yet. We have a few ideas but nothing that stands out to us. Monday is my next appointment and we get to set the "official" c-section date! YAY!

here is a picture of me at 29 weeks with Cooper
29 weeks with the newest little man
Do you think there's a difference?

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Katie Petersen said...

YOu look so cute! I want that dress. I can definitely see that you are carrying lower. Maybe every child just drops a little lower. You are so close! Wohoo!