Monday, June 27, 2011

Littlest boy update.

I've still been contracting. First, they start off like braxton hicks. Then they progress to big ones like I've never really felt before. So I know when they first start I need to stop and relax. Last night I was having the bigger ones about every 5-10 minutes for about 30 minutes. I started to get nervous and told Brady that if they don't stop we need to go in. Thankfully, after I told him this, they stopped. I didn't even have a "big" one the rest of the night! This morning I had an appointment at 9 that I scheduled last week because of the contractions. Everything looked good and no dilation!!! If I was dilating the doc said he'd put me on bedrest. But since I'm not it's okay to do the typical day to day routine just nothing that puts me into contractions or increases the risk for contractions. I got a doctor's note for work and even set the c-section date for July 22nd!! He's not too sure that I'll make it to that date but that's the latest we will go. He said our first goal is to make it another 2 weeks and then we'll go from there. I told the doc to make sure the baby gets here safely and to make him cry! I want to hear his cry right away! If he didn't cry I'm not sure how I'd handle it.

All in all everything is "okay". Baby is moving around a lot, head down, and putting lots of pressure on me. So here's to "resting" as much as I can for the next several weeks!!

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PECK said...

Just take it easy! You'll make it! I can't wait!