Thursday, June 23, 2011

baby boy

Well, things aren't going as planned for our new little guy. But honestly, have any of my pregnancies? I feel an unfortunate trend coming on...

So the update:
- I'm done with work. When I'm on my feet for over an hour I start having bad contractions. Contractions that I've never felt before and I've had labor contractions with both Kegan and Cooper. The doctor's do NOT want me contracting so there goes 8+ hours of on my feet out of the way. Oh and the contractions ease up and slow down when I'm resting. If I've been resting for a few hours I only have contractions that I imagine are braxton hicks. I have another appointment on Monday.
- My contractions are starting to radiate to my back. Good thing I'm not having this baby vaginally...back labor is no fun! I had it with Kegan.
- I'm feeling extremely antsy. I have all sort of thoughts and emotions. Most days I go from anxious, scared, worried, happy, relieved, frustrated and then back through them all. It's the weirdest most annoying thing to have so many emotions. My eczema starts flaring up, which doesn't help things.
- baby's head is down. My cervix is still closed and at the length it should be!! Woohoo! Baby is measuring right on the expected due date of August 15th, which is rare apparently. Cooper measured right on his expected due date the whole time so I imagine this baby will be about the same size as Coop.
- baby has lots and lots of hiccups. Several times a day!
- I have no more cravings other than ice. Yay for low iron levels.
- no date yet for delivery. The doctor's keep throwing us around because of how rare my "condition" is. But the latest news is no later than 37 weeks, which is July 25th. We will be getting an OR schedule with open dates to pick from at the next appointment in two weeks.

Here are the most recent ultrasound pictures. We think he looks EXACTLY like Cooper did in his ultrasounds around this time :)

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Casey and Rachel said...

Hang in there Kels! I can't relate with all of your symptoms, but I totally understand the emotional roller coaster of feelings. I don't know if it is just because I have had a baby before, but I think the "braxton hicks" feel more like real contractions this go around. It freaks me out because I keep thinking I am going to go into labor early or something! Enjoy not having to work. Let us know when this cute little guy gets here!