Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day

Saturday we let Brady open presents because Sunday was going to be filled with church and work. Cooper had his first time finger painting and made daddy some cute art work. I ended up cutting it into the shape of a tie and taping it to a pot that was filled with his favorite candy. Kegan got him a Willow Tree figurine and "baby boy" got him a trip to Barnes and Noble. I also treated him to his favorite chips and dip for the evenings that I was to be at work. Brady loved the home made art work and picked out some books to read at Barnes and Noble.
Sunday started off with me being grumpy because I worked the night before and was super sore and contracting. Poor Brady had me complaining and hurting all day. But we were able to take a nap and spend some down time together as a family. We put Cooper down to bed and I made Brady yummy baked chicken with mashed potatoes. I also made him a peanut butter pound cake! It seriously was super delicious!
Father's Day was also Kegan's 4th birthday. To be honest, it was an emotional weekend for me. But we made it through and made a cake for his birthday {the usual confetti cake with rainbow chip frosting}.
Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday!
{the frosting looked better but it was melting with the heat}
sweet baby boy that we miss every day

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Katie Petersen said...

What a nice Father's Day. It must be hard to have Keagan's birthday on or so close to Father's Day every year. That is how Zach is with Mother's Day. He is so sweet and I'm sure is so excited to have another brother joining his family. We can't wait to see him!