Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I haven't done a post on him for a little while. Here's a list of things he's been up to and learning:

- words he can say or have heard him say at least once:
mum for mom
num num for yum yum
ba for ball
tee for tree
papa for grandpa
hot dog (this one was super clear and he has only said it once!)
- he can walk backwards and spin in circles
- he likes to put buckles together
- tries to use utensils while eating
- his favorite food is hot dogs
- his favorite drink is apple juice (it's the only juice we've ever given him so no wonder it's his favorite)
- he still takes 1 bottle at night and that's because he's not drinking milk. Milk still upsets his stomach so we're going to start trying other options.
- his favorite snack is anything cheesy - like cheese its
- the only fruit he'll eat are bananas
- it's very obvious that he has a favorite blanket
- he kicks a soccerball around everywhere! makes daddy proud!
- his favorite movie (and only one he'll sit down to watch for more than 30 seconds) is Monster's, Inc. He especially loves the little girl "Boo".
- he likes to help with the laundry...putting wet laundry into the dryer.
- he waves hi and bye to everyone wherever we go. He gives the cutest little smile and we hear people giggling and complimenting us on his cute smile.

We are always saying we have the coolest little boy! He makes life so much fun! I haven't uploaded any pictures for a while so when I take the time to do so I'll make sure to post them.

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