Monday, July 11, 2011


I've been sort of "nesting" lately and kind of freaking out about how Cooper's going to react to a new baby around. Then, as I was thinking about switching Cooper over to his big boy room I realized "poor kid! His life is going to change so much!" He's going to have a baby brother, his parents won't be able to spend 100% of the time with him, he's going to be "kicked" out of his room and out of his bed!! So after talking with Brady, he suggested we wait until my family leaves and then we'll go from there. We may just have to adjust with Cooper and we may just have to put the baby in the front room and keep Cooper where he's at. But then again, maybe he will absolutely love his big boy room and be just fine.

OH and we only have 11 days until baby boy is born!! YIKES!!

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