Saturday, July 9, 2011


The past week or so has been very difficult for me and Cooper. I know Cooper is teething, which makes him grumpy. Who can blame him?! Several teeth have came through in the past week and several more are working their way up. OUCH! Poor little guy. So my days consist of lots of crying at my feet (as seen below) and only wanting Mommy. Brady tries his hardest to hold him and comfort him but most of the time Cooper's arms are reaching out towards me. It makes my heart melt but I feel bad for Brady... and I can only carry him for so long before the contractions start up again.

My photoshoot at 34 weeks...with a crying baby wanting to be held.

Besides the crying and whining Cooper has grown up so much the past two weeks. I've been able to be with him every day and witness the things he's learning.

- His sign language is amazing! I've taught him "thank you" and "food". He uses them occasionally and signs them when asked. He started signing "more please" together and uses it often! His memory with sign language impresses me. I only have to show him one or two times for him to remember.
- a few verbal words he's mastered this last week are "dog" and "ball". He has learned "qak qak" for quack quack, "ooh ooh" for ruff ruff, "rawr" for a lion, and "mmmm" for a car/truck. I've heard him say a few words once and the newest is "juice". He also calls his binky and blanket "dididi" - not sure where that came from! And whenever something is lost/dropped/or not within reach he says "uh oh" and lately he goes "uh ohh dada".
- his favorite food: hot dogs. He knows that they go in the microwave so when he wants one he walks up and points to the microwave. He seriously will eat 2 or more in one sitting if we would let him! He also loves loves loves yogurt! He's a picky eater like his mama.
- his favorite animal - most definitely dogs. A dog comes on the TV and he immediately starts saying "ooh ooh". Actually, if there's any type of animal on TV or in his sight he says "ooh ooh".
- he has a favorite blanket. He carries it around the house everywhere. I put it in his crib and he always seems to get it out. If I hide it he walks around with his arms backwards saying "uh oh". He doesn't like it when Brady and I use it. He gets upset if I'm sitting on it or using it as a pillow.
- he has lead feet!!! I can hear him walking/running anywhere in the house.

Our little man is growing up so fast. He is looking/acting more like a toddler every day. I am enjoying my last few days with him before we have another little man to snuggle!!

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Amanda Petersen said...

Poor Cooper! His whole world is about to turn upside down! Plus teething! Poor guy. He's going to be such a good big brother though. I bet he'll love giving his little brother snuggles. Can't wait to see your new little guy. Good luck in these last couple of weeks!