Wednesday, July 6, 2011

34 weeks

I've made it to 34 weeks!!! 2 1/2 weeks until this little guy is delivered!! Here are frequent questions:

- Are we ready?
How ready can you be for another baby...but mentally yes. Material wise...not so much. I haven't even started going through baby clothes. I did buy diapers though!!
- Name?
Mostly yes. We have one but if we randomly think of something "better" that's okay too. So for now we are not telling/announcing a name just in case we change our minds.
- How are you feeling?
pretty miserable. My contractions are becoming more intense but still not consistent. I am starting to have back labor, which is miserable but I had it with Kegan so I guess it doesn't surprise me. And the fact that I'm super low doesn't help with that. I've been having a lot of leg cramps and have a constant ache in my calves. I have no appetite and struggle sleeping. Typical pregnancy stuff!! I never felt this way with Cooper so it's a little discouraging and surprising. I'm starting to swell but it fluctuates a lot thank goodness!! I can still fit my wedding rings on but by the end of the day I'm too swollen. My hernia hurts and I can't wait for the little man to no longer be kicking in that area. I crave ice!! I bought a bag of sonic ice and it's almost gone. I'll go to Sonic during their happy hour to get half of drinks and ask for extra ice. seriously the best deal EVER! I go to the chiropractor each week and that helps so much with the back pain! I would be even more miserable without it! I am starting to feel anxious and antsy to have this baby here. I'm getting bored sitting/relaxing at home doing the same thing over and over. I kind of miss work but I LOVE being home with Cooper every day. He's my little shadow lately :) It's exactly what I needed before this little man gets here - more time with the other little man! Brady has been absolutely amazing and so supportive. He's not used to me being so uncomfortable but he's handling it well.
{34 weeks pregnant - notice the little hand touching my belly}

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