Thursday, July 14, 2011

All things baby

Well, baby will be here a week from TOMORROW! I can't believe how long this pregnancy has lasted but yet it feels too soon for baby to come. I have washed most the clothes, blankets, and car seat. Sheets are clean and ready to be put in the bassinet. I went to a local store that sells baby items that are unique to Walmart and Target. They have so many neat things to look at that are way above our price range and more for style. But I did find two things that I really liked:

1. Moby Wrap.
This wrap seems to be the perfect thing to hold the baby and have my hands free at the same time. Cooper is needing so much of my attention and use of my hands that I can't imagine having to hold baby at the same time. This way both their needs will be met. The downside: I won't be able to use it until he's at least 8 pounds. There is a risk of having the baby's airway blocked off by having their chin tucked to their chest. So until then it will be sitting in with the blankets.

2. Muslin Swaddle Blanket
This blanket will be perfect to wrap his little body in for this summer. It's light weight, slightly stretchy and really big! And I just really liked the blanket :) Ours has blue/tea/brown polka dots.

We are ready for baby to come. I got a call from the hospital to finish pre-registering for surgery. I have my very last doctor's appointment tomorrow. Things are set for Cooper to go to daycare on the 22nd for the very last time :(

Life as a family of 4 will be very exciting!!

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Sonja said...

My friend used that baby carrier wrap and loved it. Also, my sister loved the wrap for her baby. I bought the muslin from Joanns and it worked perfect too. It was much cheaper.