Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our newest little man!

Things are going great! As you can imagine I am cuddling this little guy as much as I can before he grows up and wants to run all day long. But I am recovering well from the c-section and doing things I was instructed NOT to do. Seriously, how can you not pick up your other children??
Crew is an amazing little man. He is sleeping like a champ. He sleeps 24/7. We wake him up to feed every 3 hours. If we didn't do it he would sleep for hours straight. He keeps losing weight but still within the "okay" range. He's not nursing at all. He was latching on in the hospital but now he absolutely refuses to. Just screams and screams until he passes out then he won't eat. So the doc wants us to supplement with formula to make up for the loss feeding. We are to do this because he's considered a "late preemie" and MUST eat every 3 hours. "Late preemies" become dehydrated faster and blood sugars drop faster. He fits into preemie clothes however he is REALLY long. He has the highest screech cry and often sounds like a screeching car! He poops seriously after EVERY SINGLE FEEDING! Cooper never ever pooped that much so it has surprised us.

Cooper is adjusting as expected. He's good most of the time with occasional bad times. He will tell Crew "hi" and give him kisses. He is interested in his toes, fingers, eyes, and nose. He has helped me bottle feed him (held the bottle) and has watched us change his diaper (he's even saying "diaper" now). He likes to touch his head and be close to him in general. He's doing pretty great but we have to watch him VERY closely. He's tried to share his blanket (by shoving it on him), give him toys (by throwing it at him), and wipe off his spit up (by aggressively wiping his face). He has a kind heart but hasn't quite figured out how to be "gentle"/"soft" all the time.

Well, that's all for now. Time to go to bed before both boys wake up! I'll post more pictures later :)

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Sonja said...

He is darling. Congratulations!!! Call me when you are in town. We would love to have you over.