Monday, May 9, 2011

25 weeks 6 days

You can't tell very well in this picture but I am pretty big now! This picture was taken on Mother's Day before work. Here's a little update:

-baby boy is moving around ALL the time now...almost Cooper. It's very comforting and reassuring!!
-we still don't have a name. We have a few ideas but nothing that we REALLY like.
-I am exhausted more than I ever was with either of the other two boys
-I crave bacon cheeseburgers to the point that I go every few days to get my fix. I went TWICE last week!
-I am swelling up...probably from all the salt!
-I've gained 13 pounds.
-the back pain/hip pain is horrible. I didn't feel this way until the last week or two with Cooper.
-I have heartburn 24/7.

But basically...I love being pregnant! I think just the feeling of having my baby safe inside me is amazing. It makes everything else not so horrible :)

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