Sunday, May 1, 2011


of our 1 year old!

- he's walking/running now like a pro. He stumbles a little when there's lumps/bumps in the grass but overall - PRO! He's starting to recognize steps instead of just running into them or off of them.
- bath time is still his favorite time. He started this super cute thing...when we say arms up he'll raise his arms so we can pull his shirts off. He really likes bubbles too! He'll poke them with his little finger and watch them pop.
- he's starting to talk more. He can say "tee" (tree), "tickle tickle" (loud and clear), "dad", "mama", "ni ni" (night night), "num num" (yummy), "hi", "ba ba" (bye bye)
- he eats a ton. ALL the time. He FINALLY ate fresh fruit for the first time, a banana! I have to feed him baby food to get his fruits and veggies! When I put it on his plate he picks through it all and won't eat it! haha It's cute and annoying. He does put it in his mouth and try it so there's hope!
- He has been blowing raspberries on Brady's belly for months now but he just started doing it to my belly! He will do it on the leather furniture and on his own hands. He's even figured out how to do it with just his lips.
- he is a binky and blanket kind of guy. He carries them both around everywhere. It is super cute with his blanket! When he's ready for a nap he will go walk into his room with his binky in his mouth and blanket up by his ear. If we don't follow he will go back and forth until we do. He is still a wonderful sleeper. He goes down at 8 and is up between 8 and 8:30 every morning. He's down to 1 nap a day but lately it's been 2 LONG naps. I'm pretty sure he's going through a growth spurt.
- Balls are his absolute FAVORITE!! I can't go through Wal-mart without him squealing in delight at the tall rack thing FULL of colorful balls. And you know the big red circle "balls" in front of Target?? Ya...lots of squealing and tantrums when we go there! Balloons are also a hit with Cooper.
- Brady is by far his favorite person ever. I hear "dad" all day long!
- he will give hugs and kisses now when we ask for them...only when he is in the mood though!
- I started using cloth diapers and he seemed to chill a bit more during diaper changes. I'm still chasing him around and struggling to keep him still BUT it is getting better.
- he's opening all our doors. Every single one. And can now lift the toilet seats. No need to explain more than that..
- He drinks a lot. 3-4 sippy cups a day! We allow 1 sippy of juice and the others are water.

Well, I could go on and on about our little boy. He is a lot of fun and brings so much joy to our lives! I hope our family knows a little more about Cooper now :)

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