Tuesday, May 31, 2011

29 weeks 1 day

I had another check up today. Things are going well and really no changes.

-We have an "unofficial" delivery date! He will be born the very last week of July or very first week of August. Brady and I are thinking Friday July 30th so we'll see how that goes. We get to "officially" schedule a date at our next appointment.
- heart rate is great! Measuring right on.
- my blood sugar AFTER the glucose test was 97. That's pretty low after a big test. No wonder I haven't been feeling so great....my sugar drops pretty low. The doctor didn't seem worried just a little surprised.
- my hernia is still there and is a real pain. he said that most hernias that occur during pregnancy pretty much go away, but it will never heal completely. He said we'll monitor it after he's delivered and go from there. Surgery is rarely needed for hernias like mine :) GOOD NEWS!
- I forgot what my weight was but I've hardly gained any. My blood pressure seems to fluctuate each appointment but it's usually around the average or a little on the lower side.
- I'm not craving bacon cheeseburgers as much as I was. Now it's just ice and I chew ice all the time. That reminds me...my iron level was a little on the lower side but not low enough to take supplements in addition to the prenatal vitamin.

I don't have a recent picture but I will post one soon!!

so that's the overview of this last appointment.

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