Monday, May 16, 2011

Not so fun...

Cooper is sick...again. It seems like we can't get away from him being sick but I guess it's been a while since the last time.

It all started Thursday. He threw up several times but it was watery so I thought maybe he drank too much that day. But he also had diarrhea so that was weird. When I put him to bed I thought he felt warm but didn't check his temperature because I'm usually always wrong (silly me). I had to work Friday but Brady checked his temperature and it was 99*. So he still took him to day care with tylenol just in case. Well, it jumped up to 100 or so and Brady went and picked him up. Meanwhile, Brady calls me at work and lets me know what's going on. He has had a fever on and off since then and has had diarrhea every day!!! And the diarrhea is turning white. Thankfully, it's only once or twice a day so his chances of dehydration are slim with how much he's drinking(2-3 sippy cups of water a day + 4-5 oz of formula at night). He hasn't been eating much or sleeping well. He cries and whines ALL day long. Last night I was up with him 3 times, which is more than we have had to in months! He wanted to be held all night long ONLY if I was standing up!! That was a struggle with a large belly and a hernia that was hurting - but he would scream if I sat down in our rocking chair. He cried and whined for most of the morning so I decided to take him to the doctor.

Turns out...just a stomach virus. His ears are perfectly clear and everything else looked great. And of course he had loads of energy in the doctor's office. He was running around and getting into everything. So he can go back to day care after 24 hours without a fever and without the use of medication to lower his temp. As for the white diarrhea...keep an eye on it I guess. He said it could be a change in diet (the only change is not eating)...I worry about gallbladder issues but that's just my "worst scenario" coming out. I suppose we'll watch it and go back in if we have to. Poor little guy is so gassy too. But that might be genetic :)

For now, I look forward to nap time so we can get some rest and we can't wait for Dad to get home!!

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