Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cooper's First Hair Cut!!

Brady gave Cooper his first hair cut today!! His hair was starting to look like a mullet and was a little out of control. The back was always matted and pouffy. It was growing over his ears and just not cute! So the clippers came out and the hair was buzzed for the first time!!
He did EXTREMELY well!! He just sat in his chair (with the binky of course) and looked puzzled. He pointed at the hair that was falling off and even started to play with the cord! We used the biggest guard we have and the hair was still over his ears a little so we attempted to use scissors. That didn't go well and he screamed at that point. He got a bath and became this new little boy!!
It makes me so sad to think that he's no longer my "baby". He's wanting to be so independent and gets so frustrated when I help him. He's picking up on new words. Today he said "nana" for a banana that Brady was eating! His newest trick is walking backwards and spinning in a circle. He uses a pillow in bed now and LOVES to just lay there. We put him in bed and he giggles/sighs with excitement to relax. We absolutely love this little boy! I mean could you not LOVE his cute personality??

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