Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I was super spoiled this year!! I had yummy cinnamon rolls for breakfast and lots of gifts from my boys! My favorite has to be the flowers they all got me. Cooper "planted" one flower for me at the store, I have a hanging basket out front and another pot of flowers on our back from each child. They are all so beautiful! I also got a basket full of goodies! It had my favorite chips (ruffle potato chips and sweet spicy chili Doritos), favorite candy (100 grand, twix, hot tamales), cute pajamas (much needed with a growing belly), two movies (the switch and date night), a picture frame with a cute picture of Cooper, and my all time favorite...PEPSI! Brady really out did himself and made me feel so special.
I am super grateful for my mother and the guidance she gave me. She helped me become the person I am. I am also so so grateful to be a mother myself. I have three wonderful boys!

Kegan has taught me to be grateful. I know that I appreciate motherhood and it's struggles more than I would have without the loss of our sweet Kegan.
Cooper has taught me patience. His crazy energy and curiosity can really be frustrating and I mean extremely frustrating.
Baby boy has taught me how to relax. When I am stressed I break out in eczema. When I am working too hard I start contracting. When I am exhausted I have restless leg syndrome. If I balance every day and take care of us everything is more "normal".

I feel very blessed to be a mother. It's the most amazing adventure!

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