Monday, June 25, 2012

Another House Update

the tile backsplash is in!! and we absolutely LOVE it!!

 the boys' bathroom is where we think we messed up. we're not a huge fan of the countertop/tile/floor combo but we are hoping when it's all completely finished we will like it more.
 master bath tile floor. I am not a huge fan of this either but I think once the trim work and cabinets go in I'll like it more. We saw it in their showroom and it was beautiful!

 we love this backsplash but we could've picked a little better combo with the granite but it's not bad. today the sinks went in and it already looks MUCH better!
 now this little guy is really getting good at pulling himself up to his knees and to stand! He was able to go up to the first step!
The house is supposed to be done in TWO DAYS! We are so anxious and super excited. We are hoping to do a walk through on Saturday and close on Monday. There might be a delay with our lender so we are thinking we might be more likely to close on Tuesday but either way it'll be NEXT WEEK!! AHHH!!!

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