Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Easter 2012

Reed and Laura came for the weekend and the boys had a blast! I ended up having to work two night shifts this weekend but was able to pull 30+ hours with a very short nap.

Cooper eating his marshmellow soccerball sucker from Grandma and Grandpa T
 the boys loved the grass in their baskets from the Easter Bunny

 Crew looking super cute in a knitted devil hat from Aunt Lynell
 Family picture after church - we were all tired
 our boys in matching ties!! Can you tell it was nap time?
 my loves! I can't get enough of them!!
 looking for eggs

Church was a little hard with tired kids and an exhausted mommy but we made it through the day! After looking for eggs we had a delicious dinner with Reed and Laura before the headed home!

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