Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kegan's Special Birthday

It is so hard to believe 5 years have gone by since we held our precious little boy.  Each year we usually make a cake and look at pictures but we decided to add a little something this year:

I had Cooper help me make his cake!
 He went bonkers over eating the frosting instead of "helping" me.  He threw a massive tantrum when we were all done.
 the boys got a little gift.  We got them a mitt and baseball.
 we let go of 5 blue balloons while at the park.  We were planning to fly a kite but it was too windy for it.

 Saying "bye" to the balloon
 Crew letting go
 Waving bye
 My sweet boys!

 lighting the candles
 so happy to blow them out!

 and they were trick candles! I didn't know I had bought them so we all were surprised!

 eating lots of cake

We had a very special and hard day.  There were a few moments with tears and thinking about his birth and short life.  We are extremely grateful to have him in our family and for the short life that he lived.  He is so incredibly special and so perfect.  It's hard not to imagine him playing with his siblings.  I know they would have a blast running around!  We can't wait to hold him in our arms again and kiss his little cheeks.

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Nate and Chelsea Peck said...

You guys are amazing. I'm sure it's so so hard, and I can't even imagine losing a child. Cooper and Crew will be able to know and remember Kegan in their own special way with you guys celebrating his birthday.