Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bath time!

The boys love their baths! I was so excited and anxious for Crew to sit up and be steady while in the tub so the two could play together. Now I wish I could give one a bath without the other wanting to jump in!! Either way, it's always full of laughing, splashing and even some fighting (duh) over toys. And believe me, Crew can hold his own and voices his opinion!
Mommy and Crew after the bath. I come out showered myself. I don't understand how Brady comes out dry when he gives them a bath!
 Crew has an amazing laugh! It's super contagious and gets every one in the room laughing!
 our sweet boys!

 Now that Crew is moving around he likes to crawl and play in the tub. It scares me but he has NO fear when it comes to water. He even enjoys sticking his face in the water and comes up smiling every time!

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