Tuesday, June 5, 2012

House Pictures

These pictures are pretty old now but they give you an idea of how our house is! It is currently being painted... TODAY! So yes, there's drywall up and trim. Things are moving FAST!! WooHoo!
The front room/living room
 looking in from the front door. The garage door is there to the left.
 looking in to the family room.
 kitchen and walk in pantry. Standing in the dining area.
 standing in the dining area looking at the walk-in pantry, half bath, front door...
 standing in the dining area - stairs
 looking down into the dining area. Kitchen to right and family room to the left
 back bedroom.
 kids' full bath
 front bedroom

 the other front bedroom
 laundry room at the top of the stairs
 standing in the laundry room looking out to the hallway
 master bedroom

 master bathroom
 one walk in closet
 other walk in closet
 shower, commode room, tub, and double sinks (left to right)

 garage. It's HUGE

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