Wednesday, March 2, 2011

4 am...

I've been having a hard time staying positive lately and I'm always looking at the "bad" side of things. So I've decided each day I am going to pick one thing that I'm grateful for tell you about it.

Today I'm grateful for...

My education.

I hate having to work. I miss Cooper too much and my house is such a disaster ALL the time. My time home is with Cooper or for myself so I don't do much cleaning anymore. Nothing like I used to. It's unfortunate that I have to work right now but if it wasn't for my education I wouldn't have an amazing job that pays extremely well. Even on days like today where I wake up around 4 AM, have no lunch break, pick up Cooper, and not get a break until bedtime - I am grateful that I have the job I have. There are many tearful moments but I still am grateful that I'm not working at a fast food place or having to work the typical 8-5 hours getting paid less than half of what I am now. Even though my current job is a RN I would say my career is a mother. I will be a mother for eternity. It's what I love the most!

graduation day!

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