Wednesday, March 30, 2011


You know you're getting old when your Grandparent's are expected to pass away soon. Today has been an emotional day for me. BOTH Grandpa's are in the hospital (well, one on hospice).

Grandpa C. is my Dad's Dad. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's years ago and it is now hitting the final stages of the disease. He was diagnosed with Tuberculosis awhile back and the medication progressed his Alzheimer's at a faster rate. Then he recently had a stroke that has taken it to the final stages. He's not expected to live any longer than 2 weeks.

August 2010 (last time I will get to see Grandpa)

Grandpa D. is my Mom's Dad. He has COPD and many other diseases that make life/breathing miserable. He also had surgery years ago to remove part of his lung so his breathing capacity is not great. He recently had a fall and broke several ribs. He is no in the hospital with pneumonia and has no muscle mass. He can't even move. The doctor's are thinking about putting him on life support to let his body rest and gain strength. However, after working with these type of "cases" and knowing my Grandpa I believe that his time is short.

August 2010
Both of my parents have been calling and keeping me updated. And I've been calling Brady updating him. These men are amazing and have lived wonderful lives. They both are ready to end their life here on Earth. I pray that they are not suffering in pain and that their nurses/doctors are keeping up on their pain medication!


Tyler and Kelly said...

Thinking about you :/

Amanda Petersen said...

I'm so sorry to hear this! It's so hard to lose loved ones, that's for sure. We'll be thinking about you guys! Love ya!