Monday, March 14, 2011


I am grateful for:

my bed!

You know the feeling when you get into bed and all you can say is "aaaahhhh!!" I have that EVERY SINGLE DAY! Especially last night after work. Not only is it so comfy I could lay in it all day long but it's the one place where Brady and I can cuddle in peace and quiet (without the TV). I also love Saturday mornings when I don't work! Brady will usually get Cooper up and bring him into bed with us. It's never a calm situation but it's so fun to have all of us together. Those are wonderful mornings to wake up to!
And I'm always looking into decorating our bed differently. Unfortunately, I don't have the "guts" to go all out so for now it's just some cute brown/teal sheets. But eventually I would like to have all the big decorative pillows and the fluffy cute bed that you see in a magazine! Seriously, how cute is that?!

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