Monday, March 7, 2011

Cooper Update

Cooper is growing up so fast! I still can't believe how big he is getting. Here's a little update:

- he's wearing 18 month clothes
- he's in the 5th percentile for weight and head circumference but 50th for height
- still not walking! He can and he will for about 6 steps or more but then falls to the floor. I think it's because crawling is still so much faster.
- he says "dada" "mama" his own version of "hi" (sounds like "haaa") and "bye bye" (sounds like "baa baa") he says "num num" when he's hungry and "ni ni" for nice and night night.
- he waves hi and bye
- he still HATES to have his diaper changed. he screams and screams like we're torturing him. it's becoming a bit ridiculous and it's getting worse. he does okay if he's standing up playing, doing whatever.
- he LOVES LOVES LOVES his binky and blankets. There's no particular blanket as long as it's soft. His binky he has a favorite but he'll take any. Lately, the blanket goes everywhere with him. When he sees a blanket he knows is soft he'll crawl over to it, lay his head down, snuggle in, and go "aaawww". He won't lay on our shoulder's but if we put his blanket across them he'll snuggle right in!
- he loves to eat. he'll eat basically anything except fresh fruit and vegetables. We still feed him baby fruit and vegetables so that it's something healthy!
- he loves his sippy cup. he drinks lots of milk, water, and apple juice.
- he's sitting forward in a new car seat. He loves it!
- he sleeps 12-14 hours at night. It's pretty awesome.
- he needs a hair cut but we think it can wait a while longer.

I could go on FOREVER! he's so much fun and energetic! Here are a few pictures.
Naked boy not wanting to get dressed!
in his new car seat
having a snack
he could use a hair cut


Ty and Masha said...

Your boy looks adorable.

Amanda Petersen said...

Cooper is so adorable. It was so fun to see you guys last month. I love your new car seat...we have the same one...only in black. Yours was the color Tucker wanted but we couldn't get it for some reason. Fun stuff!