Wednesday, March 16, 2011

trying it out...

Since Cooper was about 6 months old I've been thinking about cloth diapers. We didn't have the money to invest so I just put it in the back of my mind. Now, with our AMAZING tax refund, I've been thinking about investing the money into it. There are so many great things about them and they have come a LONG way making it easier for parents. They are super adorable! So SO soft! Not to mention less garbage. AND the money we will be saving. We have to buy night time diapers AND day time diapers. If we could cut back on at least day time that would be awesome!! Many people have mentioned the "poo" part of it. But hey! I'm a nurse and deal with big people "poo" all the time! Cooper's stinkiness is a little easier to handle :)

So now all I need is for my 2 diapers to come in the mail! I only bought 2 to try it out and see how we like it.

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Anonymous said...

I used cloth diapers 99% of the time for my son because I couldn't afford not to. I had a theory that he learned to use the toilet faster because he didn't like how it felt to be wet and dirty. ;-)

He's in his 20s now, so I'm sure cloth diapers have come a long way.

The most difficult hurdle (as with everything) is not worrying about other people's opinions. This is what works for you and your family.