Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I realized I haven't been posting as many "grateful" posts as I wanted but I have thought of something every day to be especially grateful for. On Sunday I was especially grateful for...

eternal families

It was Fast and Testimony meeting. It was one of the best meetings we have had in a long time (maybe because I work a lot of weekends and miss out on going to church). There was an apparent theme and it was eternal families. Many people have lost a loved one recently and they shared how grateful they are to know they can be with their loved ones again. One testimony in particular hit me a little stronger. There's a young boy in our ward who is battling with cancer. He shared an experience he had when he went under for his first bone marrow. He said he had an out of body experience where he knows without a doubt that families are forever. I would love to share with you his personal experience but I feel it's too personal for me to share. He recently had his final tests done to see if the cancer had come back and his lab results were not promising. So they tested his bone marrow again. This time they found that his labs were okay and the cancer had not come back! This family is amazing. Their testimonies are strong. They have love for one another that I have never seen before. When we first moved into the ward the whole family had shaved heads. A little awkward at first but it was to support their son/brother during his chemo treatment. I am so grateful that we have the gospel to guide us through such trials and to know that when we do loose someone close to us we can be with them forever.

Our sweet Kegan a few hours old

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