Thursday, March 24, 2011


a disaster!

Cooper LOVES LOVES LOVES to be naked. And it's super cute seeing him walk around naked! He gets so excited and tries to run! He has only peed once being naked and toots a LOT (and giggles every time). Today he started grunting as if to poo! Can you imagine how fast I went to put his diaper on?? And good thing I did because he blew out within a minute of putting it on! Oh what a disaster that would have been!

I haven't really updated on Brady and I so here's a quick update.

Brady: signed up for a soccer team!! Most of the players speak spanish so he feels a little uncomfortable but a few team members speak english and try to include him. His work is really busy and he they just hired someone for their new position that opened.

Kelsey: has a growing belly and no weight gain. Work and a little toddler are keeping her busy! We are busy going through each tub/box and getting rid of TONS of stuff. We are also transitioning everything into tubs as much as we can. We can start moving next week!!

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