Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Here's the little man walking! It's not the greatest but he is really good at it when he thinks he's not being watched. He takes some pretty big spills but stands right back up and goes again! The worst spill so far happened in the ultrasound room! I was closing the door and he fell at the same time hitting the corner edge. Poor guy has a BIG bruise on his forehead.

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Amanda Petersen said...

Welcome to the wondrous world of having a walking child. It's the most exciting and horrifying thing in the world. Although it's so fun to see them walk and explore their world...sometime's it's a nightmare. They seem to get into much more trouble once they walk. Although it is nice to not have to carry Liam out to the car anymore...we hold his hand and he walks with us. There's good and bad of every phase I guess. Good Job Cooper. I'm sure you'll keep your Momma extra busy! Also congrats on another boy! So exciting!